Gemstone Tumbled Stones

If you like collectible Gemstones, rocks and specimens then it is easy to hop on that path with tumbled stones. The price we offer them will allow you to gather a wide variety of tumbled stones on a slim budget.

Tumbled stones come in different sizes. Most of our tumbled stones are 1-inch X 1.5 Inches in dimension. No two stones are identical in shape, size, color or even the feel.

We carry tumbled stones in most common gemstones. Here you will find Amazonite, Aventurine, Lapis, Malachite, Golden Tiger Eye, Red Tiger Eye, Apatite, Jasper and many more.

Many people are creative on what they do with the tumbled stones. Some decorate their water fountain area with these stones. Many soap makers use them to accent the soaps they make while many others use them as palm stones and pocket or purse stones due to their metaphysical properties, they believe that is packed in them.

May your creativity come to play. Whatever you do with them, we are confident you will love them. They deserve our love. These are smaller specimen of the many different rocks and crystals that are part of this Mother Earth and they come from different continents to bring you joy.