Southwestern Style Rings

Our collection of Southwestern Rings features themes reminiscent of the American Southwest and use images which are popular among Native American jewelry. While our jewelry IS NOT American Indian Jewelry, it does give homage to the heritage of the American nations that existed before the United States. Among the most popular of our Southwestern Style Jewelry are the Bear, Eagle and Wolf Rings that feature turquoise inlay. We have many other Southwestern Rings for Men with Bears and Bear Paws along with other animal figures all of which feature turquoise inlay. Browse the entire catalog of turquoise inlay rings and other gemstone chip inlay featuring Coral, Lapis Lazuli, created opal, mother of pearl and Malachite.


Turquoise is one of the most loved stones in Jewelry making simply because Turquoise Jewelry is worn across the world. Using Turquoise in Jewelry or in tools goes back to centuries and there are many tribes had beliefs associated with it. For some it was believed to aid power and others felt it gave them sharpness in hunting. Turquoise Rings and all other Turquoise Jewelry we offer is set into 925 sterling silver; in fact, the artistic style of our turquoise inlay rings would make your jewelry collection into a silver gallery of beauty. Our low price makes Turquoise Jewelry easily affordable. Southwestern Style Jewelry makes perfect gifts and can be worn year round by women or men.

  • All of our Southwestern style jewelry is handmade in the USA.
  • Our Southwestern Rings are not Indian made nor are they Native American Jewelry as defined by federal law.