Sodalite Gemstone

Sodalite is a rare rock-forming mineral best known for its blue to blue-violet color. High-quality sodalite is used as a gemstone, a sculptural material, and an architectural stone. First discovered by Europeans in 1811 in the Ilimaussaq intrusive complex in Greenland, sodalite did not become important as an ornamental stone until 1891 when vast deposits of fine material were discovered in Ontario, Canada.

Sodalite is a member of the Sodalite mineral group that also includes Hackmanite, Tugtupite and Lazurite. Sodalite is also one of the members of the Feldspathoid group of minerals that includes Cancrinite, Haüyne, Lazurite, Leucite, Nepheline and Sodalite. Sodalite is mostly known for vivid blue, opaque material that is seldom transparent and clean enough for faceting. Faceted gems are very rare and usually very small.