Shungite Stone

Historically, Shungite has been around for about two billion years. It is said that Shungite was first discovered around Karelia, Russia in a village named Shun'ga, which is the reasoning for the stones name. Shungite is also known by other names such as Shungit, Shieldite, and Schungit. For hundreds of years, it has been known that Russians have been utilizing Shungite to purify their water. Shungite on its own contains the ability to draw out any type of contaminants without the need of boiling the water or the use of chemical treatments in order to make the water safe to consume.

Throughout time Shungite has been named as the "Stone of Life." Shungite has not only been used to purify water in fact, during the 18th century a spa was created for the Russian Army by utilizing Shungite to heal any wounds or sore muscles. It has also been said that the Shungite infused water has been used and linked to improving hair after suffering from hair loss. There has even been research done by scientist that state that when applied to the scalp Shungite contains the ability to reduce dryness, roughness, inflammation, and even wrinkles.

 In metaphysical belief, Shungite is believed to possess the ability to cleanse one’s aura of any negative energy as well as utilized for protection and grounding. Shungite is said to provide the ability to energize one’s spirit, body, and mind.