Polished Blue Lapis Stone in Pyrite Streaks & Calcite Inclusions

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Lapis Lazuli

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  • Lapis Lazuli Stone
  • Lapis Lazuli Stone
  • Lapis Lazuli Stone
  • Lapis Lazuli Stone


This lapis stone looks like a flat blue bus. The hood of the stone is almost the perfect length. The layers of pyrite streak around the stone to look like the stripes of a school bus. The only thing it needs is wheels and it could be street legal. The stone has a large amount of inclusions around the face and sides.
Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue colored metamorphic rock which has been used as a semi-precious stone since the 7th millennium BC. It is prized for its intense mystic blue color and specks of calcite and pyrite which give the mottled colors a goldish hue. Lapis cabochons are stills used to this day for jewelry, decoration or collection.
The meaning of Lapis Lazuli comes from Lapis, which is Latin for stone, and Lajevard, Persian name for the stone and also a location where lapis was once mined. The stone was ground for use its natural ultramarine pigment; it was the most expensive blue pigment and was reserved for nobility and depictions of Virgin Mary. Lapis lazuli makes a great collectible stone, decorative centerpiece for your living room, bathroom accents or even as a simple paper weight. The mystique of the stone always draws attention and adds intrigue to any room.