Plain Sterling Silver Earrings

Plain silver doesn’t have to mean ordinary! Our collection of Sterling Silver earrings is vast and right here we’ve gotten the best collection of unadorned silver earrings that you’ve ever seen. The elegance of form in crafting the metal is so stunning that no stones or accents are needed to make them brilliant. Sterling silver hoop earrings are a staple piece in every jewelry box but we would invite you to try simple sterling silver stud earrings to make a similar delicate statement that can be more playful and fun. We have lovely sterling silver spiral earrings that make a lovely accent; we also have chain chandelier earrings and other styles of sterling silver dangle earrings (or sterling silver drop earrings). With a range of styles that goes from simple to extraordinary, from casual to dressy and from plain to anything but… you’re certain to find the silver earring that you’re looking for here at Gem Avenue.