Peridot Stone

Peridot stone is categorized as semi-precious gemstone. The lustrous green color of Peridot gem has earned it a very special place in Jewelry making and as a collectible. The green color can vary from light green to olivine green. The Green Peridot stone is known to be mined thousands of years ago and its name appears in old scriptures. Even though there is a lot of assumptions on how it achieved its name, the truth of the matter is no one know exactly what the source is. The name Peridot has resembling words in Greek, Arabic, French and other languages. Let us keep that a secret for now and move on to its beauty.

Peridot is known to have been mined from the Red Sea. Now this cute gemstone is mined from many countries. Peridot from Pakistan is one of the best in that stone. Whether you are a rock collector wanting to add some outstanding pieces of Peridot to your collection or be it for cutting them for Gemstones, we carry the best Peridot stones for you.

It is known that peridot is formed under extreme conditions and brought to the earth’s crust through violent volcanic eruptions and the subsequent lava that brings it up from the bellies of the earth.

Raw Peridot

Raw Peridot Crystals are beautiful in their look and feel. While the rough peridot is procured by the gemstone cutters to cut and facet those to sell them wholesale for jewelry designers, rock collectors collect these raw peridot crystals for fun. Many hobbyists wire wrap rough crystals for their own use or to sell them in gemstone tradeshows. Whatever may be your motive, we simply bring you outstanding quality of Peridot stones.

Peridot crystals that have less inclusion and are more transparent are used to cut them in to gemstones for jewelry. Crystals that are opaque are largely used for wire wrapping.

Gem Avenue is a prominent source for raw peridot in the quality of your choice and need. We can provide a wide range of peridot crystals for collection and for cutting or wire wrapping.

Peridot August Birthstone and its Meaning

Peridot is one of the three gemstones that are considered as the birthstones of the month of August. The word peridot comes from the Arabic root word of Faridat, which means gem. The peridot gem has been in use as a jewel for long time dating from the romans.

What Color is Peridot

The color of Peridot is Yellowish Green to Greenish Yellow. The Green color is what made Peridot earn its popularity. Green reminds us of lawns, trees and nature. Human beings have a natural attraction to Green.

When Peridot is mined, it comes with white talc on it. A good cleaning with warn water and little bit of mineral oil usually makes it attain its attractive green color.

Price of Peridot

Price of Peridot depends on the quality of the crystals you are buying. Gem quality peridot runs from $2 a gram to $10 a gram based on the clarity of the stone. Average price of Opaque Rough Peridot that is used for wire wrapping purposes tends to be in the range of $1 per gram to about $1.50 per gram.

In summary, just like any other Gemstones, price of peridot also varies with the quality and also based on supply and demand. Gem Avenue proudly offers peridot stones at reasonable prices. If you are looking for wholesale prices on raw Rough peridot, please contact we and we will be happy to work with you to get the crystals for you.

Peridot Jewelry

Peridot has always been a gemstone of choice in jewelry. Gem Avenue is proud to carry Peridot Jewelry for Men and Women. Please visit our Peridot jewelry category to select your choice of artisan created unique jewelry in Peridot.

We guarantee good quality of stones and jewelry at affordable prices.