The name Nephrite is derived from the Greek word "nephros" due to the belief that this stone possesses the ability to help aid kidney disorders. Often times this stone has been referred to as a Jade or in other cases Jadeitite but in fact, Nephrite is known to be a form of actinolite. Actinolite is one of the members of the amphibole group of minerals. Minor traces of diopside, magnetite, graphite, pyrite, prehnite, etc. have said to been found within stones of Nephrite.

Nephrite mainly comes in a range of light to dark shades of green, but it has been also known to come in various other colors as well, such as beige, yellow, black, grey, brown, and even white. Not only can it be found in various colors, but Nephrite can also be found in various parts of the world. Nephrite can be found in Western Canada, China, New Zealand, off both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, and even in Brazil. In fact, the world’s largest known deposit of Nephrite is located in Cowell, a place in South Australia.

 In metaphysical belief, Nephrite is believed to possess the ability to provide the wearer luck, good health, and protection as well. It is said to be a stone that signifies abundance and aids in improving hard circumstances in life.