Mineral Specimens

A mineral specimen is known to be a natural occurring solid formed that is produced by both geological processes and chemical compositions. According to the IMA (International Mineralogical Association" there are roughly about 4,900 known mineral specimens. In fact, the majority of mineral specimens are formed into crystals. Roughly there are known to be about seven various types of crystal formations. However, the mineral specimens that do not contain crystals are called "amorphous." These types of specimens display something called "habits." This just generally means that these mineral specimens will grow in the exact same shape regardless of where they are located.

Certain minerals can be formed in the time span of a couple of years, but an average mineral specimen can take up to over hundreds of years. In fact, during the Victorian age collecting both crystals and minerals quickly gained major popularity. The monarchs across Europe during this time sought to quickly accumulate minerals and even turned this into challenges amongst themselves to see who could gather the most premium mineral specimens. Nowadays almost each European city contains a vast collection of these mineral specimens and crystals, and they are kept within natural history museum.

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