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Mens Tiger Eye Rings

Tiger eye men’s rings are incredibly fascinating to look at. The deep color contrast in the stone itself paired with sterling silver makes a classic duo on rustic looking men’s rings. The tiger eye adds to the rustic men’s ring look while giving it a centerpiece to adorn the ring. Tiger eye also looks excellent on necklaces, pendants and earrings.

Tiger eye is a lustrous chatoyant gemstone that is also a metamorphic rock. Tiger eye is known for its distinctive brown and gold sparkle. The stone, which is a part of the quartz group, gets its shiny look from the parallel intergrowth of quartz minerals. In some parts of the world, tiger eye is used to ward of the evil eye, however it is a remarkably beautiful gem in all respects.

Tiger eye is mostly used for simple jewelry. The gems look the best when it is cut into a simple cabochon. It is primarily mined in South Africa and Western Australia, however, the majority of commercially available stones are synthetic and are altered using nitric acid to give it a somewhat convincing luster.p>