Mens Leather Wallet

Keep your cards and important contacts safe and secure inside your leather credit card wallet. Unlike a regular wallet, these credit card wallets have ample storage space and secure pockets to ensure you don't misplace or lose a single card. Snakeskin, eel skin and cowhide leather are just some of the options we have to offer.

True leather is non flammable and free of toxic chemicals used to dye and treat the material. We only carry genuine leather products because we know how important water resistance is to keep your papers and cards safe. Leather is dyed to give it color, but some dyes do not last long and can smear on other fabrics. Our leather doesn’t fade, rub off dye or tear. You can be sure it will last you a very long time, or until you need a bigger wallet.

We also carry passport wallets, business card folios, metal wallets for women, travel wallets and much more. Our variety of wallets allows for you to be prepared for any occasion. If you want just a simple wallet, there is plethora of options to choose from in there too. Check out our line of leather wallets today.