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Mens Celtic Knot Rings

Celtic knots look great rings. Celtic knots are often worn by many regardless of heritage. The sleek and simple neverending pattern, accentuated by sterling silver metal work, makes this a great piece to wear on all occasions. The subtle rustic styling appeals to the classic man who enjoys wearing a sterling silver ring with a bit of intricate metal work. These men’s Celtic Knot rings are sure to find a place in your collection.

Icovellavna, or colloquially known as Celtic Knots, are a historic styling of celtic and irish tradition. The knot was adapted from Roman artistry and found its way into Catholicism, but has since been used in many respects. The interlace patterns can be seen on architecture, books, art and jewelry throughout the world. The patterns are interwoven cords, called plaits, which can be found in many areas of Europe.

The knot symbolizes eternity or infinity; this is embedded in the design, because a true Celtic knot has no beginning or end. The symbol can be traced infinitely without finding and endpoint. The knot itself does not pertain to anything religious, but it was used on crosses and gravestones to symbolize the heritage of the person and refer to the endless afterlife.