Lepidolite Crystal

Lepidolite is a very soft and brittle stone that can only be cut, shaped, or polished when it is found within a Quartz body. This rare occurrence yields exquisite jewelry pieces as well as high-class cabochons and is most notably found in the Minas Geras region of Brazil. Lepidolite has softening energies that can affect your emotional body and keep your mental state operating in a calm manner. Our entire chakra column becomes activated and aligned when holding or connecting with this stone. Lepidolite personifies the idea of self growth so you can open up to the world around you. As troubling as it is to find happiness within, Lepidolite is a reminder that we must start somewhere, even if it's external. We commonly refer to it as the "jumpstart stone" as it wakes us up with a jolt of life-force energy.

Lepidolite can only form in geochemical environments where high concentrations of lithium are available for mineral formation. Lepidolite is a rare mineral because these geochemical situations rarely occur. Most specimens of lepidolite have pink, red or purple as their dominant hue. These are the expected colors of lepidolite. The mineral sometimes has a dark tone, which gives it a grayish appearance. Rare specimens of lepidolite are colorless or yellow.