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Larimar Earrings

Larimar earrings and Jewelry are the most gorgeous shade of blue. Larimar stud earrings are a great way to display the brilliant light blue shade that the stone has. Larimar stone earrings make a great gift for those who like the color blue or like rare stones. Larimar stones are only found in the Dominican Republic. The icy blue stone is a great impersonation of the blue waters of the Caribbean.

The larimar stone is pectolite stone. Although the stone is of volcanic origin, the locals used to believe the stone was from the sea due to it’s rich soothing blue color like the water. Genuine larimar earrings will remind you of the sea after which it was named: The –mar in the stone’s name means ocean in Spanish. You can find beautiful larimar dangle earrings, larimar drop earrings and more in our store.

Larimar silver earrings are always mesmerizing. The silver and the blue play off each other in a very beautiful way. One might say that larimar makes the best blue earrings. Even larimar post earrings can accent the silver very well. The only way to really appreciate the beauty of larimar jewelry and earrings is to try them on your self.