Lapis Lazuli Mens Rings

Most lapis used in jewelry is polished and smooth. When placed inside a sterling silver, setting, the blue seems to just melt into the silver, forming a perfect union. The sterling silver luster and the dull Lapis make a pairing for the ages. Many use lapis for healing or metaphysical beliefs, however, it doesn’t hurt to admire it for it’s deep beauty and rich color. You’ll find yourself staring at the mesmerizing lapis stone for hours when you hold it in your hands.

Lapis lazuli, otherwise referred to as simply Lapis, is a blue metamorphic rock that has been highly sought after for millennia because of its mesmerizingly unique deep blue color. The gold colored specks are primarily calcite and pyrite. Today, lapis is relatively common, but its respect and admiration still holds in many parts of the world. It became known as “The Sapphire which is speckled in gold” in Greece.

Lapis is relatively dull in color, which allows for it to make great accenting beads in very ornate jewelry. Lapis has been used in jewelry since as early as the 7th millennium B.C. Lapis was exported throughout Europe in the Middle Ages where it was picked up and used by some of the important artists of the Renaissance and Baroque period. Men’s lapis rings are very unique and rugged. The lapis gives the ring a rustic yet charming appeal.