Jade Bracelets

Jade dates back as far as 5000 BCE and was known to be widely used in Chinese ritual ceremonies. During this era in China, jade was considered to be a powerful stone that was viewed to contain the ability to protect not only the body but the spirit as well for both the dead and the living. In modern days these ancient beliefs of wearing jade bracelets for protection still thrive within the Chinese community, parents often give their children jade bracelets as gift which represents a parents love and protection.

However, the value of jade and its abilities grew beyond just Asia but to Central America and New Zealand as well. Jade was valued more than gold to ancient Mayan, Aztec, and Olmec civilizations and in Māori tribes, jade was used and carved into both weapons and cult instruments. Ancient Egyptians saw the stone as a symbol which represented and embodied love, inner peace, and balance as well.

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