When thinking about gemstones and crystals first thing that comes to our mind is perhaps the Amethyst Crystal Geodes Churches that you have seen in some one's home or business prominently displayed as a center piece of decoration. Well, they do grab attention, that is for sure.

No two Geodes are the same. Each one has its unique look. Color of the crystals can go from light purple to dark purple. There is not judgement on one being better than the other. As the saying goes, the beauty is in the eye of the person who sees it. We all like different shapes, sizes and colors.

These Amethyst Crystal Geodes are also called as Churches or Cathedrals as they resemble the cathedrals in the Traditional Christian Churches. Geodes come in smaller to much larger cathedrals. Smaller ones work better as a personal collection piece to set on your desk. A larger Crystal Geode well suits to be displayed in a checkout counter where customers are always present or in your living room where guests are received. You will see your guests cannot take their eyes of that piece. Let us be honest. Crystals do pull people's attention.

Gem Avenue is your place to shop for Geodes of all sizes. We carry Geodes from Brazil and Uruguay. Brazil is known for Geodes Cathedral. Most Brazilian Amethyst Geodes have a light to medium color tone. Uruguay on the other hand produces amethyst crystal geodes of great color. But Uruguay does not produce large size cathedrals like Brazil. Uruguayan crystals are either small size or they come installed on cast iron pedestals.

Crystal Geodes are great gift items for a Crystal lover. Browse our Amethyst Geode Collection and find the one that will become your favorite home decor piece.