Gemstone Spheres

Spheres general resembles and reminds us of the Planet Earth we are in. Truly, when you hold a Gemstone Sphere that is exactly what comes to our mind. In fact, a Gemstone Sphere pretty much embodies the mother earth that we live in.

Gem Avenue carries Spheres in many different Gemstones and sizes. They are beautiful in many ways. Generally, every Gemstone has a different color. Natural colors on this nature given gifts makes them stand out. Carnelian spheres come with an orangish color while blue lapis lazuli comes in attractive blue colors. Amazonite comes in a beautiful green while hematite comes in back. We carry Gemstone Sphere in all the stones you can think of. Garnet, Septarian, Calcite, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Sunstone and on and on.

Even within the Spheres of a specific stone, each one looks different. The markings and the patterns and the color variations and all “imperfections” are the personality of a piece. No two admirers see them the same. Gem Avenue carries the kind of sphere you are looking for.

Enjoy shopping Gem Avenue.