Cuff Bracelets

The cuff bracelet is the hottest fashion accessory today! Shop our wide variety of cuff bracelets for women & men. We offer an assortment of cuff bracelets in a selection of metals from sterling silver cuff bracelets, magnetic cuff bracelets, and gold cuff bracelets as well. We also carry copper clad and wide fashion cuff bracelets. Personalize your cuff bracelet with an engraving and transform it into a monogram cuff bracelet. Here at Gem Avenue, we also carry a collection of cuff bracelets for men in a sterling silver, gold and copper clad.

Cuff bracelets are great addition to any style or trend! They vary widely in color, style and sizes, from wide to slim. Cuff bracelets make great gifts because most are size adjustable due to their open ends. Buy yours today!