Rocks and Crystals

Wonderful things always amaze us. Rocks and Crystals are among such wonderful things around us. If you come across those who collect Rocks and Crystals, they will tell you how these creations of God attract and pulls us towards them. Some just admire the beauty they present, and others are intrigued by the metaphysical and healing properties that is packed inside of them.

This is how we look at them. There are many different facets to these cool rocks and crystals. As we all have heard many times, Old is Gold. Consider the age of these crystals. They are as old as the Earth is. When we hold such a crystal in our hand, the first thing that comes to our mind should be the age of that crystal. When we realize that it is millions of years old, then we have a natural respect for it. Now look at the way they look. Every rock has its own beauty. Rocks and Crystals from Madagascar or from Morocco or the Lapis from Afghanistan all bring breathtaking colors, crystal organizations or just the way the piece looks.

We can all appreciate those Gemstone spheres and Points or a freeform rock when we are aware that these cuties lay buried under the earth for millions of years until the miners reached them. Most of the mines are underground. It takes great amount of sacrifices to go under the earth and dig them out for us. Those treasures are then transported to the ground and sorted. They reach lapidary experts who make them Cabochons and Faceted Gemstones for making jewelry. Some of those rocks and crystals arrive in the hands of the collectors who decorate their collections for people to admire and to drop their jaws. Many other pieces reach our homes and we show case them for decorating our Homes.

Gem Avenue Loves them and our love is reflected in the ever-expanding category of Gemstones, Rocks and Crystals. Every piece is curated with love and care. You can trust us in what we bring to you.

If you are a beader or make jewelry with wire wrapping, we would like to be your source for natural gemstones. If you are rock enthusiast or a collector, we would like to be your best source for unique rocks and crystals from around the world. If you are considering decorating your home with these natural crystals and geodes, then you are in the right place.

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