Cats Eye Crystals

Cat's eye is said to be a gemstone for a mythical planet dubbed 'Ketu' according to Vedic astrology, but it obtained its name from the French word "chatoyancy" which directly translates to "shining like a cats eye." This is in resemblance to the reflective light on the cat eye stone/crystal that mimics the appearance of a cat's eye. It can come in a variety of rich and vibrant colors such as grey, blue, green, golden, and yellow. Cat Eye was first discovered by Abraham Gottlob Werner who was a renowned geologist in the year 1789.

In the metaphysical world, its is said that Cat Eye is utilized to ward off evil spirits and protect the wearer from any unforseen danger. This stone is often times also known for having the ability to bring forth wealth and prosperity, rather that be obtaining new wealth or regaining the wealth previously lost. Cats Eye is also often times associated with the ability to stimulate intuition and enchancing awareness. Not only that but this stone is also known to enhance good luck and fortune. Overall, Cats Eye is a protective stone that enhances and stimulates an abundace of great qualities.

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