Cabochon Stone for Jewelry Making

A Gemstone is called cabochon when one side of the stone is left in dome shape without faceting it. Once faceted it is called a cut stone.

Cabochons are the most commonly used stones in Jewelry making. They are used in making Pendants, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings and Rings. Once you know the dimensions of a cabochon, it is easy to look for a bezel that can hold it. Standard size bezels are easy to find. But most cabochons are not cut in standard shapes. When rough stones are inspected for cutting, the cabochon manufacturers and lapidary workers are presented with the choice of cutting the stone to a specific size or to cut the stone to a free form so that it can retain its maximum weight.

Free form cabochons are available in abundance in all kinds of stones. Turquoise cabochons are one of the most desired stones. We carry both free form and calibrated sizes of Turquoise cabs from Kingman Turquoise mines as well as Pilot Mountain Turquoise. A latest addition to our cabochon collection is the White Buffalo and #8 Turquoises. The matrix in the Turquoise is desirable and plays a big role in the price of the stone. We strive to curate the stones with great appeal.

We offer Labradorite Cabochons that are hand engraved as well as plain. Browse our Amethyst and also Moonstone cabochons. Jasper cabochon comes in many different colors for you to choose from. If you are looking for blue stones, then Lapis Lazuli cabochon might be of interest to you. Likewise, if you like Green, go with Malachite cabochon.

No matter what you are looking for in cabochon, Gem Avenue have it for you at wholesale prices. We understand that you are making Jewelry either as a hobby or to sell for profit. In both cases you will find out cabochons at below bargain prices.