Magnetic Bracelets, Whats the Attraction?
May 10th 2017

Magnetic Bracelets

For over a thousand years, magnetic fields have been used to alleviate various health conditions. Since the wrist collects major blood vessels and nerve bundles relatively close to the surface, it is a popular location for these magnets to be placed. Therefore, magnetic bracelets have been the primary source of the use of magnetic fields for health. In addition to magnets, pure copper has been employed for health benefits as well. Many who use it report alleviation of some joint pain and stiffness. It is also believed that the use of rare earth magnets in jewelry improves blood circulation which leads to better cardiovascular health and improved kidney and liver function. Of course, none of these claims have been approved by the FDA; primarily because there is no test beyond personal experience that can qualify their properties.

Our magnetic bracelets, rings and necklaces mostly feature rare earth neodymium magnets which have a gauss rating higher than 1000 ensuring that there is actually a magnetic field strong enough to cause some effect. Some of our items use magnetic simulated hematite which has a lower gauss rating but should still provide similar benefit since these pieces have more magnetic surface area.

The most popular among men’s magnetic bracelets are cuff bracelets. These can easily be stretched (with patience) to fit practically any wrist. Though we do recommend the wider bands for men than with women. The copper magnetic bracelet selections vary from a high polish to an antique finish and many style and design options. Pure copper is said to be absorbed in a small amount by the skin and it then is reported to fight free radicals, benefit in weight loss and benefits the liver and lymphatic system. If copper isnt what youre after, we also carry a diverse range of premium quality magnetic link bracelets in a variety of designs, colors and metal

finishes. From running horses to buffalo and southwestern designs, even nautical designs, we have much to offer in magnetic jewelry. Many stainless steel bracelets are available in different types of links like hugs and kisses, heart links, and ladybugs. Stainless steel bracelets for women are highly versatile and feminine, whereas men’s stainless steel bracelets are highly trendy. Some of the magnetic bracelets for women are gold toned, some silver toned, some two toned and some are with gemstones right now, the silver plated turquoise dolphin seems to be the most popular in the collection. Go to and shop our wide selection of the best magnetic bracelets at reasonable rates.

For those concerned about copper turning the skin green, dont worry. This is a natural part of oxidation of copper and actually proves that the copper is being properly absorbed by the body. The stains can easily wash off or may even disappear overnight as you sleep. The best prevention though is to wipe your copper jewelry with a clean, soft cloth before you put it on and after you take it off. The oxidation occurs more rapidly in people with an acidic body PH or while you sweat. It is best to remove any jewelry while exercising or performing sports but especially copper jewelry.

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