May 9th 2017


A crystal is an inorganic material valued for its beauty, luster, brilliance and longer lasting pleasure. In terms of Alchemy, a crystal is a collection of atoms, called unit cell, repeated in a periodic fashion throughout the intact material. Due to this, crystals have an irregular shape. These crystals are then used in jewelry after cutting them into the desired smooth shape, with the aid of machines using advanced technologies. Speaking of the origin of crystals, Austria is the world capital of crystal making and Swarovski is the leading manufacturer. Hence, crystal jewelry gets the name Austrian crystal jewelry or Swarovski crystal jewelry.

At, we sell finest quality Swarovski crystal jewelry. The crystal jewelry sets at our place are sure going to cast a spell on you. We have such a huge assemblage of crystal necklaces, crystal bracelets, crystal earrings and much more. Earrings are always looked at when they are pretty and adorable, and Swarovski crystal earrings are one of a kind. There are vivid varieties of stud earrings as well as crystal drop earrings, the unavoidable accessory for any occasion.

Jewelry made of crystals is so vibrant that they make the perfect accessory for every gathering. Crystals naturally have a dazzling shine which promise you a shimmering look. Technically speaking, when light falls on a crystal, some of the colors in it are absorbed, while some are reflected away. These reflected colors are picked up by the human eye. This makes crystal jewelry look so elegant.

Crystals are well known for their perfection, transparency and clarity. These qualities are reflected in every jewelry piece made with them. Take a closer look at the exquisite variety we provide at gemavenue. There is a diverse selection of Swarovski crystal necklaces, pendants, bracelets and many more sparkling pieces you are sure to treasure for a lifetime. They come in a variety of colors and shapes. We also carry crystal watch bands for ladies. You will also find combinations of crystals with pearl and beads. Have an overview of our products collection at, the destination of top quality jewelry.

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