May 9th 2017


Chain necklace is an important category in jewelry. Necklace is a piece of jewelry that is most noticed upon wearing. Jewels have always been a part of the human culture. It is being worn by people from over centuries. It was an item that was worn by both men and women. In the ancient civilizations, people used to wear necklaces made of plant materials, feathers, shells, coins, bones etc. With the advent of modern technologies, humans started making necklaces with metals and gemstones. Gold and silver were the most commonly used metals.

Jewelry is also worn for reasons other than aesthetic appeal. Some wear it to express their wealth, royalty or status in the society. Some wear it to show affection towards people and some others for religious purposes. In certain countries, wearing some particular type of jewelry is a part of their culture. In India, married Hindu women are supposed to wear mangalsutra (a type of Necklace chain) after marriage. Regardless of the reason why it is worn, a beautiful necklace chains is always a delight to the eyes.

There are different types of necklaces. Choker chain necklace, Figaro chain necklace, box chain necklace, curb chain necklace and rope chain necklace are a few among them. This classification of chains is based on length. Choker chain is one which lies close to the neck. The remaining chains are given in the increasing order of their length. In modern necklaces, the length of the chain can be adjusted as per our desire. The chain necklaces are mostly made of gold or silver. Gold is highly popular for its durability, shine and rarity. Gold chain necklace adds a spectacular sparkle to your wardrobe. But its high cost makes people choose silver chain necklace, as silver is called “the poor man’s gold”. Silver is made strong adding some other metal to it. 925 parts silver and 75 parts copper gives sterling silver, which is relatively cheap. Sterling silver necklace chain has a peculiarity that it matches every outfit. It gives you a dazzling look as it shines when light falls on it. All the above mentioned types are available with us at We also offer you wide varieties of gold and silver chain necklaces for men and women. The most popular among them are white gold chain necklace, rose gold chain necklace, snake chain necklace and so on. Take a look at our pages to find chain neckalces of your choice.

The Necklace chains can be either worn alone or paired with a pendant. The chains when accompanied with a matching pendant give a magnificent look. Pendants add beauty to the piece, but the right choice of them is important. Choose from over hundreds of pendants and chain necklaces of a variety of lengths and style and at Give diversity to your adornment. Have a geat time shopping at our site. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

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