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May 10th 2017

Sterling Silver Jewelry Basics

Jewelry is often described as an ornament, an artistic creation which reflects culture, thought and expresses compliment to the human from. Therefore wearing pieces of jewelry is an embellishment of everyday life. Men and women alike use this artistic commodity to be feel special in some way. Jewelry becomes a powerful means to carve an impression in the minds of people. The jewelry preferred for a formal occasion will often vary greatly from what one wears at an informal gathering. Some pieces …
May 10th 2017


Engraving is extremely popular on Jewelry. A piece of jewelry makes the best gift to your loved ones; and when engraved, it gets a meaning. The inscription made on the jewelry may be an initial, a date, a place visited together or any other thing that you never want to forget throughout your life. Jewelry is such a unique gift. It constantly reminds you of the person who gifted it.We, at, specialize in engraving and we are capable of offering you all variations of engravable jewelr …
May 10th 2017

Magnetic Bracelets, Whats the Attraction?

For over a thousand years, magnetic fields have been used to alleviate various health conditions. Since the wrist collects major blood vessels and nerve bundles relatively close to the surface, it is a popular location for these magnets to be placed. Therefore, magnetic bracelets have been the primary source of the use of magnetic fields for health. In addition to magnets, pure copper has been employed for health benefits as well. Many who use it report alleviation of some joint pain and stiff …
May 9th 2017


Cubic Zirconia, a crystallographically isotropic material, was first found in its natural form baddeleyite in the year 1892. This form of the mineral was very rare. So, humans started synthesizing cubic zirconia in laboratories, for use in jewelry. Since then, it is the strongest contender of diamond. To be precise, it is the inexpensive substitute to diamond. Thus, if you are looking for jewelry with a low price tag, but unbeatable beauty and style, then cubic zirconia is the perfect alternativ …
May 9th 2017


A crystal is an inorganic material valued for its beauty, luster, brilliance and longer lasting pleasure. In terms of Alchemy, a crystal is a collection of atoms, called unit cell, repeated in a periodic fashion throughout the intact material. Due to this, crystals have an irregular shape. These crystals are then used in jewelry after cutting them into the desired smooth shape, with the aid of machines using advanced technologies. Speaking of the origin of crystals, Austria is the world capit …