Black Onyx Rings

Black onyx rings are a must have for any jewelry fashion trend! It’s the look of classic black stone paired with cool sterling silver or stunning gold and rose gold bands. Our collection of black onyx rings is sure to be the envy among your friends! Our assortment of black onyx rings includes black onyx engagement rings, mens black onyx rings and black onyx rings for women as well. They come in all shapes and styles including oval black onyx rings, sterling silver black onyx rings, solid black onyx bands and classic silver rings with black onyx inlay.

The classic sterling silver black onyx ring is a timeless beauty that shines bright and attracts the eye of any passerby. Mixed with mother of pearl and other gemstones, our black onyx rings are exquisite! Shop our exclusive collection today!

About Black Onyx Rings

Onyx is a gemstone derived from chalcedony and resembles the flesh tone color of a fingernail. It’s most popular colors are black, white and marble. Here at Gem Avenue we offer only the finest black onyx rings for your pleasure. Black onyx rings are not only beautiful but are believed to ward off negative energy such as sorrow or grief. So whether you wear them for fashion, or for personal health and wellbeing, the benefits of black onyx rings are endless. Whether you’re looking for mens black onyx rings, black onyx rings for women, black onyx engagement rings or black onyx gold rings, we have them all! Shop our exclusive collection of black onyx rings today!