Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine is one of the Gemstones that have attracted many not only due to its seawater blueish color but also due its clarity. The word Aquamarine comes from Latin which means water of the sea. There are many things about Aquamarine stone that makes it a great choice for collectors and for making jewelry.

Aquamarine comes from the Beryl family where Emerald also comes from. While the color of Emerald tends to be greenish, Aquamarine's color is blueish to sometimes blueish-green. The price of Aquamarine is reasonable, paving way for designers to make Aquamarine Jewelry that can be afforded by common folks.

Gem Avenue brings you Aquamarine minerals, Crystals and Gemstones from the mines of Nagar in the Gilgit area of Pakistan. Aquamarine is mined from the Nagar and Shigar valleys in Gilgit. The specimens from these two valleys vary in their size and color. In the common language, Aquamarine stone is termed mineral when the gemstone is accompanied with its mother rock. Most of the time, the Aquamarine crystals are surrounded by mica.

Aquamarine mineral specimen can be expensive depending upon various factors. A mineral typically has many crystals in it. The size, clarity, color and the count of crystals in a specific mineral can decide on the price of that mineral. Collectors pay handsome money to procure Aquamarine minerals that are outstanding in their entire look. Unique minerals can be seen in Gemstone Mineral shows tagged with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Gem Avenue carries Aquamarine Gemstones and Beads for Jewelry making, Wire-Wrapping and Cabbing. We are importers of grade A Aquamarine gemstones and collectibles. Browse our Aquamarine Jewelry categories for selecting your favorite Aquamarine jewelry pieces.

If you want to start your aquamarine gemstone collection, you may consider the rough crystals. We also present faceted stones that are polished. Regardless of what form you choose, rest assured you will love your Aquamarine Crystals you will collect.

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