Apophyllite Minerals

Apophyllite is a clear or white silicate stone and a member of the Silicate family, itwas first discovered in the 19th century by RJ Hauy.The name derives from the Greek word combination of “apo” which means away from and “phyllos” which means leaf, together the name directly means “to leafapart.” The name is in reference to the way it tends to peel or flake apart much like a leaf when it is exposed to high temperatures, this occurs due to water loss in its structure. An alternative name for Apophyllite is Zeolite but even with the name it is not a member of the Zeolite family. However, Apophyllite is considered a member of the Phyllosilicate family.

Apophyllite can be found in various places of the world such as India, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Norway, South Africa, and even the United States. However, the most well-known locations for these minerals are located in Jalgaon, India, the Hartz Mountains of Germany, Kongsberg, Norway, and Mont Saint Hilaire in Canada. It can be found in the cavities of volcanic rocks as well as in the rocks that surround hot springs. Apophyllite can at often times also be mined from asecondary mineral in vesicles in basalt or also in other types of volcanic rocks. Apophyllite can come in various colors and variations such as clear, white, green, pink, and yellow. It contains a glassy like and pearly luster that can be either found transparent or translucent depending on the mineral.

There are various species of Apophyllite which includes Fluorapophyllite that can come in white, yellow, brown, green, violet and colorless, and Hydroxyapophyllite which can come in either white or colorless. In crystal belief it is said that Apophyllite is believed to calm the mind and get rid of negative thoughts. It is also said that Apophyllite has the power to soothe emotions of fear, worry, and anxiety.