Amazonite Gemstone

Amazonite, also known as Amazon stone which was first named after the Amazon River. That name evolved into Amazonite, which sounds more appropriate for a gem or a mineral. Some sellers attempted to make the gem sound a little more valuable by calling it as Amazon jade. Amazonite has been used as a gem for over 2000 years. It has been found in archaeological excavations of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Amazonite is generally a light green gemstone with the hues ranging from a grayish pistachio to an almost blue, turquoise coloring with jungle and jade greens in between. Amazonite is not counted among the birthstones, although it is used as a natural birthstone of those born in the springtime – March/April.

Amazonite is most popular in the craft and lapidary markets. It is also very popular in the New Age market. This gemstones is very colorful and often occurs in beautiful crystal clusters which makes it extremely popular with mineral specimen collectors as well.