Indian and Pakistani Gold Plated Jewelry

India, Pakistan and Bangladesh all used are one country known as India before they go got separated. The land of Greater India is known for luxury and elegance. Kings from many different heritages ruled India for centuries. They brought their culture and creation from around the world. Taj Mahal is one such creation that still stands as wonder for the visitors. Jewelry is no exception.

The goldsmiths in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are known for their expertise in creating designs that are stunning. Though many women in the Indian sub-continent prefers to wear sold 22 KT gold jewelry to this very day, many others have also got attracted to replica of those expensive jewelry made in brass and in other alloy metals. These gold-plated jewelries which resembles the actual gold jewelry is inexpensive allowing the wearers to own many sets for wear them as they please on casual occasions.

Gem Avenue carries both Indian and Pakistani gold-plated jewelry. Though they may look similar, there is a world of difference between the designs and details of such jewelry originating in India vs Pakistan. Both have their appeals and they are sought-after by all who love such jewelry.

The gold-plated jewelry are studded mostly with red, blue and green stones, while it is not rare to see them in other colors like yellow and clear. Many styles of such jewelry have also been named. One such name is Kundan, Jumka etc.

Enjoy a breathtaking tour of Gem Avenue's Indian and Pakistani Jewelry.