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Baltic Amber Bracelets

Amber has been used for centuries as a healing agent, in perfumes, and in (best of all) jewelry! Beautifully display thousands of years of history on your wrist with one of our timeless amber bracelets. Whether you are looking for butterscotch amber bracelets , green amber bracelets, or even sterling silver amber bracelets, we've got the look for you. Thank you for shopping at Gem Avenue, your source for unique sterling silver and crystal jewelry on the cheap.

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Pleasing 12mm Amber .925 Silver 7.5" Bracelet Lobster Clasp 12 MM Wide Multicolor Amber Silver 7.5" Bangle Bracelet Lobster Clasp Multicolor Amber .925 Sterling Silver 8" Link Bracelet 25mm Multicolor Amber Marquise Flower Sterling Silver 7" Bracelet
25 MM Wide Green Yellow Brown Flower Amber Sterling Silver 8" Bracelet Flower Leaf 25 MM Brown Amber Silver 7.5" Bracelet With Lobster Clasp 6 MM Brown Amber Cabochon .925 Silver 7.5" Bracelet With Lobster Clasp 12 MM Oval Brown Amber Floral Silver 8.5" Bracelet With Lobster Clasp
Brown Amber Cabochon Heart Sterling Silver Bracelet 8" Brown 19 MM Amber Floral .925 Silver 7.5" Bracelet With Lobster Clasp Prominent Flower Amber Sterling Silver 7.5" Bracelet Pleasing Linking Amber 925 Sterling Silver 8" Bracelet
Prominent 25 MM Multicolor Amber Sterling Silver 8" Bangle Bracelet