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Amber Rings

Amber, as you might remember from the movie Jurassic Park, is the fossilized resin from ancient trees. It has been valued for its beauty and color since Stone Age times. Gem Avenue offers you a whole range of amber rings—beautiful dragonfly and butterfly designs, astronomical and geometric patterns, and more, set in elegant sterling silver.

You could pick one for a special occasion from our collection of amber engagement rings (may we recommend the Sterling Silver Amber Ring?), or for any other occasion, be it a birthday or anniversary, and you are sure to find one among our beautiful selection of amber rings for women to suit it.

We appreciate you taking time to browse and shop at Gem Avenue, your online source for unique sterling silver, gemstone and crystal jewelry.

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Multi Amber Butterfly Ring .925 Sterling Silver Band Marquise Baltic Amber Sterling Silver Band Ring Size 7.5 to 11 Tear Drop Amber Flower Ring .925 Sterling Silver Band Baltic Cool Amber Ring Sterling Silver Accents Band
Dragonfly Amber Ring .925 Sterling Silver Band .925 Sterling Silver Band Amber Butterfly Ring Oval Shaped Amber Designer Band .925 Sterling Silver Ring Amber Ring .925 Sterling Silver Band
Pleasing Beige Amber Ring Sterling Silver Variety Band